WWE News: Updated ‘Extreme Rules’ Card — New Match Added, Two Matches Get Extreme Stipulations

It’s less than two weeks until WWE Extreme Rules, and the card is beginning to really take shape. The taping of Monday Night RAW took place in London on Monday, and it’s already completed. With that completion, another match has now been added to the card, two title matches have gotten extreme stipulations, and other matches were teased.

If you haven’t finished watching RAW yet, then you may not want to read any further. There are some spoilers in here about what took place on RAW in London to set up more matches for Extreme Rules.

Three title matches are already on the card and have been set for about two weeks. Now, there were stipulations added to the WWE World Heavyweight Title match and the United States Title match, per WrestleZone.

Seth Rollins will be defending his WWE Title against Randy Orton, and that was already known. At RAW, Orton decided that the match would be inside a steel cage, and Rollins added that the RKO was banned from the match.

The steel cage match had been rumored for some time now, as J&J Security was getting involved for weeks.

John Cena had another edition of the John Cena U.S. Open Challenge on RAW, and Bad News Barrett answered the call. After Cena successfully defended his title again, Rusev came out to attack him and beat the champ with a chain.

That was when their United States Title match at Extreme Rules was given a stipulation, and it could be a good one. Their bout is now a “Russian Change Match.” If they are simply allowed to use the chain, then it’s good. If they are attached by the chain and have to touch all four corners to win, then it could be bad.

The Intercontinental Title match between champion Daniel Bryan and Bad News Barrett is still on the card, but hasn’t been given a stipulation at this time.

Now, there is fourth match on the card after the Diva’s battle royal which took place on RAW to determine a number one contender. Paige ended up winning the battle royal, and will face off with Nikki Bella at the Pay-Per-View for the title.

Extreme Rules still isn’t built up that much, and it is likely that at least two or three more matches will be added to the card. Tomorrow’s SmackDown taping could add one, and it looks like Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler will likely get one on the card. More stipulations may be added soon as well, and it will be interesting to see what they are.

[Images via WWE]