McDonald’s Strikes Back, Allows Exchanging Taco Bell Breakfast Receipts For A Free Egg McMuffin

McDonald’s appears to have struck back at Taco Bell. Select locations of the fast food giant are offering a free Egg McMuffin for anyone who strolls in with a Taco Bell breakfast receipt.

The promotion, which seems to be limited to McDonald’s locations in Northeast Pennsylvania, appears to be a clear sign that the fast-food war has already turned ugly. While the move by McDonald’s may be perceived as apprehensive pre-emptive behaviour, it is in fact a clever ploy by the company to get back at Taco Bell for insinuating that McDonald’s is a communist dictatorship where everyone is forced to eat Egg McMuffins.

It’s no secret that Taco Bell has been ramping up its attacks against McDonald’s since launching its first breakfast menu last year. McDonald’s, on the other hand, has long been the leader in fast-food breakfast. The chain alone commanded 19 percent share of the morning market, according to Reuters. McDonald’s immediate rivals, Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts, managed just 7 percent.

That being said, all’s not hunky-dory for McDonald’s, as sales have been steadily dropping. Owing to stronger arguments supporting healthier eating choices and steady increase of rival offerings, McDonald’s is now pretty much desperate not just to hold on to its sales, but thrive in an intensely competitive fast-food market.

Despite Taco Bell taking an overtly aggressive approach, McDonald’s has employed an interesting tactic that doesn’t counteract the pot shots with even more mud-slinging. Additionally, as part of the “lovin’ over hatin” campaign, McDonald’s started accepting selfies, hugs, and other forms of so-called “lovin'” as payment.

McDonald’s has been trying to better its image by reducing ingredients in its offerings. Additionally, it has significantly slimmed-down its menu to make choosing something to eat at the counter easier.


The idea to offer a free Egg McMuffin might prove to be counterproductive in the beginning, primarily because customers might drive straight to Taco Bell first and then return to McDonald’s to get the chance for a second free meal. Nonetheless, it’s the basic idea of persuading customers to “circle back” to McDonald’s that might appeal to the crowd.


The promotional event that started on April 4 will apparently last only for three more days. Though McDonald’s might be worried about the threat that Taco Bell might offer in the near future, the approach certainly doesn’t indicate trepidation.

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