McDonald’s Chicken May Soon Taste Like Actual Chicken – Fast Food Chain Agrees To Reduce Ingredients To Gain Consumer Trust

McDonald’s Chicken may soon start tasting like chicken. The multinational fast-food chain seems to have agreed to cut down on the large list of ingredients that go in its food.

Chicken they say, tastes like everything. This might be due to McDonald’s, which stuffs a lot of ingredients into its chicken-based fast food. Though many swear that with some salt, black pepper, lemon juice, a few sprigs of thyme, and a healthy splash of extra-virgin olive oil, you can make one of the best tasting chicken-breasts, McDonald’s strongly disagrees.

For reasons best known to McDonald’s, the company’s Chicken McNuggets boast 25 ingredients. The recently reintroduced Chicken Selects too, has 21 raw-materials. Even its grilled chicken breast manages to fit 18 different seasonings and additives into a mere 4-ounce meat disk. Fortunately for those who consider McDonald’s their favorite eating joint, the company has decided to drop a few of the ingredients.

To placate the growing discontent among its patrons and health food advocates, McDonald’s will be dropping six ingredients from its current grilled chicken breast recipe and rebranding it as “Artisanal Grilled Chicken.” From mid-April onward, the rebranded chicken breast recipe will be left with 12 comparatively reasonable, but still grossly over-included components: boneless skinless chicken breast with rib meat, water, salt, vegetable starch, sugar, garlic powder, lemon juice concentrate, honey, onion powder, dried vinegar, natural flavors, and baking soda.

Despite the egregious and completely inaccurate use of the word “artisanal,” the Artisanal Grilled Chicken will be cooked in a blend of olive oil, canola oil, and dried herbs, as opposed to the old standard of artificially flavored liquid margarine. According to Jessica Foust, McDonald’s director of culinary innovation,”It’s a very real chicken experience—something closer to what you make in your own home.”

McDonald’s has been the recipient of increasing public ire owing to the unhealthy ingredients it adds to its products that many have blamed for the world’s and especially America’s rising obesity. But only when its 2014 third-quarter profits dive-bombed 30 percent, did the company make an effort to simplify the menu and ultimately reduce the amount of preservatives.

Undoubtedly, the most noteworthy and healthy change for the fast-food juggernaut will be removing sodium phosphates—commonly used as a preservative and stabilizer—and eliminating maltodextrin.

Apart from reducing ingredients, McDonald’s has also announced that it would stop sourcing chicken that has been treated with human antibiotics, indicating the fast food chain is truly committed at bringing about a healthy change.

[Image Credit | McDonald’s via Facebook]

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