Channing Tatum Twerks For Jennifer Lopez At MTV Movie Awards [Video]

There’s a good reason why a new video is going viral. It’s because it shows Channing Tatum doing an impromptu twerk for Jennifer Lopez at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards. As reported by People, Tatum decided to twerk after presenting a unique, “scared as s***” award to Lopez, whose The Boy Next Door movie caused audiences to laugh while exiting the theater, as reported by the Inquisitr, despite the movie being a thriller, not a comedy. Joined by Joe Manganiello and Matt Bomer, Tatum heeded Jennifer’s call not to leave after handing her the award.

The magical men of Magic Mike XXL, as Amy Schumer called them, stood smiling before 34-year-old Tatum jumped into action, bent down into a squat and then began twerking his backside up and down — much to the delight of Jennifer and the audience. Channing then challenged Lopez to twerk, saying it was her turn. Perhaps it was Lopez’s fitted dress and heels that prevented her from jumping into action, but she promised him that “maybe next time” she would also twerk.

The latest movie in the franchise, titled Magic Mike XXL, features Channing and his abs returning for a sequel with other original stars of the first film, reports Entertainment Tonight, including Bomer and Manganiello.

Meanwhile social media is filling up with responses to Tatum twerking, with GIFs and short videos giving the Channing twerking session as gifts to others online. Folks are calling the short performance the twerk heard ’round the internet, all more buzz for his upcoming film.

Since Magic Mike XXL doesn’t hit theaters until July 1, Tatum’s little impromptu session will have to hold over his fans until that day.

Meanwhile, the Runa tea that Channing boasted about drinking, one that purportedly gives a natural caffeine buzz and has celebrities raving about the product — as reported by the New York Post — has helped propel the company and Brown graduates who created the drink into a very profitable, nearly $10 million in gross sales business for 2015. Once again, Channing spreads the love along with his twerking legs.

[Image via Magic Mike XXL]