#WhyImNotVotingForHillary Trends On Twitter Soon After Clinton Announces Her 2016 Bid For President

Hillary For President

As expected, Hillary Clinton turned to Twitter to announce the fact that she is indeed running for president. It was at exactly 3:27 p.m. ET on April 12 when the belonging to Hillary made the announcement that many already expected to arrive via the social media website on Sunday.

I’m running for president. Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion. –H

It didn’t take long after the announcement was made for a new hashtag to begin trending on Twitter at the most popular position, called #WhyImNotVotingForHillary. A scroll through the #WhyImNotVotingForHillary tweets features a variety of reasons folks are already giving for their plans to not cast their votes for Clinton — with some of them humorous, and others downright political.

Only one of those tweets could call Hillary mom, as Chelsea Clinton did in her Twitter status that bragged about how proud she was of her mother.

According to Google Trends, more than 100,000 people searched for Hillary’s name on Sunday, the day she made her presidential bid official via Twitter.

Soon after her popular tweet announced to the world that she was tossing her hat into the ring to become the next leader of the free world, Hillary tweeted about her plans to get on the road to Iowa to begin her campaign trail stops.

The first announcement actually came via an email to her supporters, reports CNN, and later in a YouTube video and on a new Facebook page.

However, there’s no telling if Clinton will be able to pull in enough votes to overcome some of the reticence felt by those who are continually posting their viewpoints under the #WhyImNotVotingForHillary hashtag.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Clinton would make an excellent president, according to a statement made by President Obama.

[Photo by Bryan Thomas/Getty Images]