Girl Meets Manatee: Hilarious Freakout Ensues When Spring Breaker Encounters Manatee While Swimming [Video]

A female on spring break found herself swimming next to a manatee, and her reaction was pretty priceless. According to the New York Daily News, Caroline Winch was minding her own business when she came within feet of the docile sea cow. At first, Winch says that she wasn’t sure what was swimming near her, and she was actually frightened for her life.

“It was like very large, I was thinking it had teeth. I was starting to think it’s a shark’s cousin, it could hurt me, I could die out here, my mom would not see me again, I was very nervous,” she explained, not knowing that she was fairly safe next to the large aquatic mammal.

The manatee doesn’t pose much of a threat to humans. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, these animals spend the majority of their time sleeping. They are very slow movers, and usually float around near the water’s surface.

According to Gossip Cop, Winch actually filmed the whole ordeal herself using a selfie stick. At one point she gets extremely brave, and tries to touch the manatee, but that doesn’t work out too well for her.

“Oh my God! Get me out of here! Oh my God, I see it! I see it! It’s right next to me,” she can be heard screaming. She finally makes it back to the boat, and her freakout ends.

[Photo courtesy of YouTube]