Keiria Reynolds: Teen Gunned Down By Two Black Males Wearing Black Hoodies In Sylacauga, Alabama Home Invasion


Keiria Reynolds, an African-American Alabama teen, was gunned down in a fatal shooting during a home invasion in the city of Sylacauga. Now, police are scrambling to find the killers. WAFF-48, is reporting that Goodwater teen Keiria Reynolds was shot when two black males gained access to the house from the back door at around 11:45 p.m. on Friday night.

In the initial 911 report, a witness told police that the shooting suspects were two black males wearing two black hoodies, and that one of the hooded males was wearing a mask. Law enforcement officials in Sylacauga, Alabama, learned of the shooting after receiving a call that a young teen had been shot. When authorities arrived at the crime scene, they found a girl outside the home with a gunshot wound to the body. The victim, who was identified as 18-year old Keiria Reynolds, died after she was transported to a nearby hospital.

Keiria Reynolds attended Crawford Educational Complex, Coosa High School and Sylacauga High Schools in Alabama. She was originally from San Diego, California.

Teen Keiria Mo'Nae Reynolds was shot to death in a home invasion in Alabama.

News of this latest shooting leaves police and community members outraged that this level of violence has touched down in their community once again. According to WIAT, local Police Chief Chris Carden stated that he is tired of the violence, and that as a community they need to do everything possible to put an end to it.

“This is the second homicide within a week in the same area. I am having a difficult time believing that there aren’t people out there who are as tired of this nonsense as I am. This senseless violence has to stop, and we as a community have to work together to develop the leads it will take to close these murders and give the families some peace. People know how to get in touch with me, please pass on any information you may have, you don’t have to live afraid. To the families I express my condolences and deepest sympathy for your loss, if you need me I’m here and available to you.”

So far, there is no other description of the suspects, except that they were black and were wearing black hoodies. One man was about 5’7″, and the other man was about 5’11”. Please stay tuned as we continue to update the Keiria Reynolds fatal shooting story.

[Photo Credit: Twitter]