‘To Hell And Back’: The Bible’s Job Gets Modern, African American Twist On TV One Movie Tonight

To Hell And Back, the new and original African American movie that is based on the true story of the bible’s Job, will make its debut on TV One this Easter weekend. The biblical family drama stars cast members Ernie Hudson, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Ryan Bathe, Kennedy McCullough, Brandon Scott, and Arjay Smith.


To Hell And Back centers around Joe Patterson, a rich, black land developer who is living the good life with his beautiful wife and children. But, that will all change when his happy Christian life begins to crumble as he faces disaster, including a failing business, sudden deaths, marital problems, and physical sickness. Truly going to hell and back, the question is: Will Joe Patterson remain faithful to God despite his adversities?

The fictional tale takes its inspiration from the Bible story about Job, a faithful man of God who was from the land of Uz. The Bible outlines how happy Job was before Satan set out to destroy his faith and prove to God once and for all that Job was only faithful because he was always receiving blessings. Satan the Devil was sure that if Job lost everything in the world that was important to him, he would surely curse God and die.

In the true story according to the Bible, if you believe the Bible is true, God allowed Job to suffer to prove to Satan that Job was a loving, faithful man who would not waiver in his faith. Job endured countless setbacks, his possessions were stolen, his sheep were killed, his sons and daughters died, and Job’s physical illness presented with ugly lesions all over his body.

Despite his dire circumstances, Job remained more faithful to God than ever before, and in the end, he gained back his health, he had more beautiful children, and received more cattle and sheep. To Hell And Back is TV One‘s modern spin of this true story—African American style.

Ernie Hudson’s powerful performance will brilliantly capture the strife and emotional turmoil this family endures by taking the audience on Joe Patterson’s journey through sad, depressing, and at times, gut-wrenching scenes.

According to The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Hudson brings his own faith-based upbringing in the church to this role.

“My grandmother raised me and we grew up in church. When I read the script, I thought of her. This is for her and for people like her. This is an important story. I love the interpretation.”

To Hell And Back is the first movie of several biblical true stories that will premiere on TV One—and all of those will have a modern twist. Fans are also hopeful that TV One will also consider making some African American movies based on some of the most shocking true crimes that are happening daily in our communities. Those “ripped from the headlines” true stories would make compelling and sensational TV One movies based on black stories.

To Hell And Back, which is not yet listed in the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) or YouTube, will premiere on TV One on Saturday, April 4 at 8 p.m. ET.

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