Eric Clark, Constance Harris Clark: TV One Will Air Atlanta Murder Case Involving Alabama Native

The story of Eric Clark and Constance Harris will air on TV One on a new episode of Fatal Attraction Monday night. The one-hour documentary will delve into the bizarre murder case that captured the nation in 2005. That year, 35-year-old Eric Clark, aka William Eric Clark, was brutally shot and killed execution style in Georgia. His wife, Constance Clark, aka Constance Harris, was the mastermind behind the plot to kill her husband for the insurance money, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Constance Harris thought she had met the husband of her dreams when she first laid eyes on the handsome Eric Clark. But what started out as a match made in heaven quickly fell apart as the marriage began to crumble.

When Constance had finally had enough, she devised a plot to have her husband murdered. The killing took place on December 13, 2005. Law enforcement officials say that was the day that Eric Clark was lured to Georgia under the guise of buying bulk alcohol for his bar business. The plan was to meet up with his wife’s cousin, but police say instead of taking Eric Clark to buy the alcohol, he was ambushed by a string of gunfire.

Officers arrived at the location, where they found the body of an African-American male lying dead with multiple bullet wounds to the body.

As detectives processed the scene, a wallet was discovered on the deceased man’s body. The victim was identified as William Eric Clark of Birmingham, Alabama.

Witnesses told detectives that a burgundy car and a silver car sped away from the crime scene after the shooting.

Georgia homicide investigators then had the grim task of notifying the victim’s widow, Constance, that the her husband was dead. They questioned her about what business her husband had in Georgia. She informed them that he had intended to meet up with her cousin, 29-year-old Jean Pierre Devaughn, to buy liquor for his business.

Once police interviewed Devaughn, he was adamant that he had no idea what had happened to Eric Clark. But just as police ended the interview with Jean Pierre Devaugh, they realized that his car was the same make, color, and model that the witnesses had described. That was enough for police to start digging into his phone records — which revealed that Jean Pierre Devaughn had made contact with a man named Christopher Tumlin before and after the fatal shooting.

In the end, Tumlin told it all. He told police that Devaughn asked him for a gun so that his cousin in Alabama could kill her husband. Devaughn and Tumlin are currently serving time in a Georgia state correctional facility. As for Constance Shinell Clark, she is serving time in Alabama until 2018. She will then serve out the rest of her life sentence plus five years in Georgia, according to

Tune in to this week’s episode of Fatal Attraction at 9 p.m., on TV One.

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