Justin Bieber Caught Up In Security Row At Drake’s Coachella Show After Water Bottle Shoved In Singer’s Face

Update: Bieber and his crew were refused admission to an at capacity backstage area at the artist’s entrance where Drake was performing at Coachella on Sunday.

Bieber and co. reportedly showed festival security they had the proper wristbands to gain entry. The singer then reportedly argued with security, claiming he would swarmed if he watched the show in a big crowd. That didn’t fly with security and the Biebs was ordered to leave, TMZ reports.

At that point, the Canadian apparently said he had been personally invited by Drake and waiting all weekend to see the rapper perform. It’s said security were irritated that Bieber persisted in arguing his point. The celebrity gossip site says a Coachella staffer came up to the singer said she would escort him inside the artist’s area and grabbed Bieber by the arm before began walking him and his security inside.

However, Coachella security reportedly came up behind and put Bieber in a chokehold. As a result, the singer’s security argued and got into it with Coachella security and the singer was then ordered to leave the festival. TMZ claim Bieber left voluntarily in the end and are considering taking legal action against the security guards.

Original Article:

Justin Bieber was allegedly caught up in a row with security amid crowd chaos, when he tried to enter the backstage VIP area at pal Drake’s Coachella show in Indio, California, on Sunday.

Alleged eyewitnesses’ details differ. But the claim that Justin Bieber and his bodyguards were allegedly involved in a heated exchange with festival marshalls surfaced in various tweets posted after the Toronto rapper’s headliner show.

Most of these tweets said security refused to let anyone go backstage during Drake’s set, including Will.i.am. This apparently led to a chaotic scrum outside the backstage area.

Twitter user @maddie, who claims she went to Drake’s show, said someone tried to take a picture of Bieber then shoved a bottle of water in the singer’s face.

To which, perhaps understandably, Bieber allegedly responded by throwing the bottle to one side. Not at the individual who hurled the bottle.

@Maddie’s tweets — which were posted in response to Bieber fans’ questions — are the clearest version of events to emerge after a night that seems to have brought a few trolls out to play.

With the most recent of @Maddie’s tweets linked first, key explanatory posts from Monday to Sunday follow:

Justin arrived in Indio on Thursday, accompanied by model buddies Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin and a group of friends. These included viners King Bach, Nash Grier, and Matthew Espinosa, rumored ex-flings Yovanna Ventura and Chantel Jeffries, videographer Alfredo Flores, and others who seem to have traveled to Coachella separately.

The Biebs took in various live performances, including Tyler the Creator and The Weeknd, and after parties, as well as the Neon Carnival on Saturday morning, which was attended by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Justin Bieber

A bystander snapped a shot of a seemingly rapt Bieber watching Drake’s performance on Sunday.

The caption reads, “When you’re front row of coachella watching Drake and this guy walks up next to you… What’s his name again? He shook my hand so I guess you can say we are BFF now.”

While the facts about Bieber’s alleged involvement in security stress at Drake’s concert will probably remain uncertain, one person with more on his mind is likely to be Drake, after he received an onstage kiss from Madonna.

After that, surely everything else is child’s play.


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