Some thoughts about SXSW and uStream

While I wasn’t able to attend the SXSW conference on my own I know a couple of friends that were going to be there and so I figured that courtesy of the uStream embed that Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins (The Inquisitr man in the field) had on his page I would spend some time watching the goings on. Now it is pretty cool that we have things like uStream where we can watch live feeds of different meet-ups but in some ways I think we still have a very long way to go.

It is easy say that it is the spontaneity that makes these types of video streams fun and cutting edge but in some ways I think it contributes more to the amateurism of the medium as it stands today. One glaring problem I noticed was the sound quality which fluctuated between being totally absent to overly loud I spent much of my time with my fingers on the volume button for my speakers.

The one other thing that irritated me is not knowing the name of whoever was talking. It is especially bad if you happened to jump into the middle of a conversation. Would it really be so hard to add a little bit of professionalism by showing a quick overlay of the name of the person speaking. It’s not something that would have to be done all the time but come on anything is better than trying to follow a conversation and not having a clue who the person talking is.

uStream is really cool and having it as an option to be able to follow events like what is happening at SXSW is great but a little bit of professionalism in presentation sure couldn’t hurt.