Burger King Offers To Pay For Wedding Of Couple Named Joel Burger And Ashley King

According to CNN, Burger King has offered to pay for the wedding of an Illinois couple. However, this is not just any couple. The wedding that Burger King is sponsoring is for a couple who is named Joel Burger and Ashley King. Burger and King have accepted Burger King’s offer to pay for their July wedding.

The bride-to-be said, “We are very appreciative of Burger King and can’t thank them enough for their generosity!”

Why is Burger King paying for their wedding and not the wedding for other couples? This couple has a special connection to Burger King. When Joel Burger and Ashley King got engaged last October, they posed by a Burger King restaurant sign for a photo. People have been having fun with the name combination, and of course it is great advertisement for Burger King. The couple has already decided that it would be nice to serve drinks in cups with their names and date of their wedding on one side and Burger King’s logo on the other side.

Soon after the Burger King engagement, the couple was interviewed by Dave Bakke of the State Journal-Register. When Burger King found out about the article, the fast-food chain set out to find the happy couple named Burger and King.

Based on wedding etiquette, the bride’s name usually goes first, but it is acceptable in this case. A King-Burger wedding announcement would not have gained as much attention as a Burger-King wedding.

Burger, 24, and King, 23, grew up together and attended the same schools since kindergarten. When in fifth grade, a motivation speaker noticed their names and chuckled. Joel and Ashley were good friends during high school, but did not begin dating until college.

Us Magazine reported that King posted a Skype chat Burger King had with the couple. A spokesperson first teased Burger and King about their names before really revealing the special surprise.

The spokesperson indicated, “Burger King wants to help give you a whopper of a wedding. In other words: It’s on us. The wedding that is…”

Burger King has already sent Joel and Ashley a congratulatory message. The company’s message to the happy couple reads, “Congratulations, Joel and Ashley on falling in love your way.”

What do you think about Burger King’s offer to pay for the Burger-King wedding? We must agree that it is good advertisement for the fast-food chain. Do you know any other unique name combinations?

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