Kevin Rose launches WeFollow: a Twitter user directory

Digg founder Kevin Rose has entered the Twitter services game with a new Twitter user directory WeFollow.

WeFollow is remarkably simple, and that’s where its strength lies. The site indexes users based on user submitted interests via hash tag. For example, the front page offers the top users in categories such as news, music and more based on the hash tags submitted by the user themselves. Users can nominate three hash tags, and are automatically added to the index.

The site works both as a ranking and discovery service. Users are ranked by their number of followers under each tag. Visitors can then visit lists and discover users that share their interests.

The only criticism of the site is that it mainly serves to promote the A-List on Twitter, because to rank on the front page, or first page of most tags, you need to have a lot of followers to begin with. So far though, it’s not impossible to rank, although this will change as more and more add themselves to the site. For example, at the time of writing I managed to pop up at 19 on the tag web, but this is bound to change.

To list yourself on WeFollow, send a message on Twitter as follows: @wefollow #tag #tag #tag, placing your preferred tags where #tag is listed.