Ohio Pit Bull Ban: Another Soldier Struggles To Own A Pit Bull Service Dog

Ohio Pit Bull Ban: Another Soldier Struggles To Own A Pit Bull Service Dog

It would appear that pit bull bans know no end. Whether civilian or military, normal ownership or service dog, you are not allowed to own one. The Inquisitr reported on an Indiana soldier suffering from PTSD. 27 year-old Wayne Tibbett wanted to move with his therapy pit bull, but could not, simply because the dog was a pit bull.

Now, a similar issue is happening to another soldier in Ohio. Patrick Boyd, a former marine that suffers from PTSD, was simply trying to walk his pit bull in a Lakewood dog park.

According to 19 Action News, when Boyd tried to enter the dog park with his pit bull Veronica, he was stopped at the entrance by an animal control officer. The former marine states that he made the officer aware that his pit bull was a service dog, but he was subsequently charged with violating a local pit bull ordinance.

Lakewood City, Ohio is one of U.S. cities and locales that still has a pit bull ban in place. Others have chosen to modify, remove, or ban their pit bulls bans in recent years. Though the Ohio town’s ordinance bans pit bulls, it does allow for the exception of a service dog.

Patrick Boyd and his pit bull service dog Veronica ended up being acquitted of their alleged violation of the ordinance. However, unfortunately, the story did not end there. Cleveland reports that Boyd and Veronica the pit bull, recently, ran into the exact same issue. Surprisingly, the issue was with the exact same animal control officer, but it did not stop with him.

Though, a Lakewood Municipal Court Judge dismissed the charges in a written order on Nov. 19 that stated it was clear he did not violate the pit bull ordinance, the lawsuit states that animal control Officer Crawford harassed Boyd just 10 days later.

The lawsuit Boyd has filed states that he brought his grievances this time to a police lieutenant. He again was met with resistance over his pit bull.

Lakewood Lt.Frank Eschweiler reportedly insulted Boyd. Eschweiler told Boyd that the city’s ordinance only allowed his service pit bull in restaurants. He concluded their conversation by stating “You have no right to have your dog in my city”.

The lawsuit Boyd filed lists “malicious prosecution and infliction of emotional distress” in the suit he filed this week.

You would think that, perhaps, an American soldier could catch a break when he comes home from battle. Sadly, as with any law whether it be a pit bull ban or otherwise, there can be unintended consequences.

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