Serious business: riot breaks out at America’s Next Top Model tryouts (video)

People riot for many reasons: wars, police brutality, poverty…and now you can add wanting to be a model to the list.

Three people were arrested and six hurt after a riot broke out during auditions for America’s Next Top Model in New York Saturday.

Police aren’t sure what started the riot involving thousands of model wannabes, but (and I’m not making this up) the panic left the street outside the Park Central Hotel “littered with shoes and clothing.”

Footage from the scene shows what appears to be a disturbance mid way in the waiting crowd, followed by what can only be described as thousands of shorter models (you have to be under 5′ 7″ to qualify this year) surging in panic, breaking down the barriers dividing the crowd from the traffic. What appears to be fights break out in the panic, as sirens circle. Well dresses pandemonium is the only way to describe it.

Here’s footage from America’s Next Top Model: Riot Special.