Rhonda Davis’ Mother Says The Horrific Way In Which She Was Murdered Is Too Much To Bear

Police are still investigating the murder of Rhonda Davis, a woman whose body was found in what is being described as a horrific scene, in a burned-out car on the west side of Detroit. Twenty-year-old Rhonda Davis’ body was unidentifiable when it was found. Rashon Cooper-Black, Rhonda’s mother, had to help identify her body by providing dental records from when the young woman was in braces.

“Instantly when I saw the van it alarmed me, because it looked like her van,” Rhonda Davis’ mother told Fox 2 News, explaining that she turned on the TV, and saw what she knew was Rhonda’s vehicle. “I guess a mother’s intuition, I guess from that moment, I felt my heart drop in my stomach.”

Cooper-Black said that the way in which Davis’ body was found was so horrifying, that it was too much to bear. She told Click On Detroit that it was difficult for her to describe the condition of Rhonda’s burnt remains.

“Gunshots. Body parts missing. Three gunshots and arms and legs missing.”

Cooper-Black says that her daughter, a 2012 Cody High School graduate, was falsely accused of an armed robbery and spent time in Oakland County Jail. Since Rhonda’s release, she had been distant from her family, according to Cooper-Black. Rhonda’s mother said that Davis had a boyfriend who beat her just before Christmas, but that the family had never met him.

“I keep going to sleep dreaming about her,” Cooper-Black said. “Not wanting to wake up – I realize she’s not here.”

Rhonda’s body was found Friday inside a still-burning vehicle in Detroit near Westbrook and Kendall streets after firefighters put out the blaze. According to a separate Click On Detroit report, the vehicle was seen on the street Thursday night, and it was in flames when they woke up Friday morning.

“You could see it from my house… that sucker was burning good,” Detroit resident Sonny Waterman said of the vehicle in which Rhonda Davis was discovered.

According to reports, the vehicle was set on fire around 9:30 Friday morning. Police are investigating the murder and reported that there is a video with Davis’ van that did not show Davis driving, according to Davis’ mother. Police believe the driver of Davis’ van could be her killer.

Cooper-Black says that her daughter’s body was so badly damaged that she didn’t get a proper goodbye.

“Because of what they did, I can’t give her a proper burial, a last kiss. It’s just what I have the last time I saw her. I’m left here with nothing.”

The family has started a GoFundMe page so they can offer a reward to bring her daughter’s killer to justice. Police have asked for anyone who witnessed a 2002 silver Plymouth Voyager, which belonged to Rhonda Davis, in the Outer drive and Schoolcraft area of Detroit to immediately contact the authorities at (313) 596-5300.

[Photo via Ra Cooper/GoFundMe]