People Who Need to Step Out of the Spotlight: Hogan Clan!

Hulk needs to stop while he’s ahead. And by ahead, I mean “not any worse.” Things are at a stalemate, with his daughter being confused in public and his son still in the slammer, and maybe that’s how things will stay for awhile. Must he mix it up right now and talk about Linda to US? I think he’s lonely:

Without a doubt, this one is the most formidable opponent I’ve ever run into. You talk about dirty tricks: Brass knuckles, steel knuckles, cheap shots, tripping people up. I’ve never seen anybody in the wrestling business that has more dirty tricks than she does! I guess I taught her well.

I think that’s probably a compliment, right? In fact, he could be trying to woo her. Ew.

Image: WireImage