Woman Admits ‘I Stabbed My Father-In-Law To Death’ On Social Media, Gives Reasons

A woman from Montgomery County in Virginia admitted to killing her father-in-law on social media after blaming him for the suicide of her husband.

According to the Huffington Post, 24-year-old Amanda Barbara Nichole Taylor worked with an accomplice, 32-year-old Sean Edward Ball, to get revenge on the man she believed destroyed her husband’s life with drug use. Her husband, Rex Taylor, hanged himself in August.

After Amanda Taylor and Sean Ball were accused of murdering 59-year-old Charles Taylor, Amanda posted to social media confessing to the crime and giving her reasons why.

“Everything i did was for the right reasons. I stabbed my father in law to death because he destroyed my husband with drugs..depression. i wasnt the perfect wife but this was one last good thing i could do for rex i dont care what anyone thinks i loved rex more than the world. This was for you <3 seans dead, but i finally have closure with rex after charlie. If you keep looking for me more will die. Just let me get to the place rex & i always wanted & ill be free without having to kill more. Till we rot rex, till we f***ing rot<3”

A follow-up post to social media implies that Amanda Taylor intended to kill herself after admitting to murdering her father-in-law. She posted a photo to social media of herself with a gun across her lap and a disturbing caption.

“Alright..its about that time. Im going to go find my husband in Hell & finally be at peace. I love you mom & my beautiful crazies, i know youll give them the life i just couldnt after everything. I’m finally going to be free.”

According to a local news site, Taylor had even made posts on social media prior to the murder, expressing her intentions to murder her father-in-law because he turned her husband on to drugs.

Sean Ball agreed to help Taylor with the murder but was betrayed by the woman shortly after. Police found him at a local hospital being treated for serious injuries. According to Citizen Times, Amanda Taylor had deliberately wounded Ball and left him by the side of the road to die.

Friends of the victim were shocked at his death, claiming that nobody wanted to harm Charles.

“I think if someone did something to him it was out of drug necessity or something related to that,” said Stephanie Pravia, who knew Charles Taylor. “Everyone that I spoke with loved him and felt sorry for him for the things he had been through in his life.”

Both Sean Ball and Amanda Taylor have been charged with second-degree murder.

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