Teacher Humiliates 7-Year-Old Student, Makes Him Unclog Toilet With His Bare Hands, Parents Outraged

A teacher and a paraprofessional employed with the Royal Live Oaks Charter School in South Carolina are in hot water for what they allegedly did to a 7-year-old student. Now, his parents want answers.

According to WSAV-TV, the 7-year-old boy was forced to unclog a toilet with his bare hand. Apparently, he had put too much paper into the toilet. But, instead of contacting a janitor, the teacher and paraprofessional decided the boy needed to be taught a lesson. So, they reportedly demanded that he unclog the toilet himself.

During a recent interview with WSAV, the boy’s mother, Johnita Anderson, shared her reaction to her son’s account of the horrific incident. She also expressed how she personally feels about the situation and how she’d expect school officials to handle the situation.

“I was very angry,” Johnita Anderson recalled. “You question yourself like,’What in the world?’

“I’m like, ‘They did WHAT’… They could have called the janitor, or if they had a plunger in the classroom as an adult they probably could have tried to unclog the toilet themselves, but not have him to take the tissue out.”

Initially, the horrific incident was solely based off the student’s claims, but after Anderson contacted the school, Principal Karen Wicks confirmed that the incident did, indeed, occur. Wicks also specified that the paraprofessional instructed the child to unclog the toilet with his bare hands. Although Wicks specified that the teacher and paraprofessional had been reprimanded, it appears neither will be terminated from the school because the humiliating incident is not considered a criminal act.

“You have to give a disciplinary action that is appropriate to what takes place. This was not something that was a criminal act, something that was illegal, immoral, it was a very wrong act.”

Of course, the student’s parents are not pleased with the principal’s response. Anderson feels both should be terminated.

“He has to live with these decisions that were made by the teachers taking the matters into their own hand, and handling the situation that way. I feel like they should be not just suspended, if that’s what happened. They should be fired.”

Jasper County Councilwoman Barbara Clark also expressed similar concerns. She recently spoke out in, echoing Anderson’s sentiments. “Get them out of that school. That is going to put a stigma over that school, and we want to see our schools in Jasper County succeed. We want to see the negative go away. We want to see the positive. And here it is, another negative,” Clark said.

Do you think the teacher and paraprofessional should be fired for humiliating the little boy? Share your thoughts.

[Image via Essential Kids]