The Islamic State Is Being Destroyed, Not By Any Nation’s Military, But By A Flesh-Eating Virus

Throughout most of last year and all of this year, the Islamic State — also known by their previous titles as the Islamic State of Iraq and The Levant (ISIL) and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) — has caused havoc in the Middle East. The Inquisitr reported on the latest happenings pertaining to the terrorist organization, in which the most recent is them destroying the “Exorcist City” of Harta, the latest in their cultural cleansing. Other historical landmarks that have fallen victim to the Islamic State include the Mosul Library and even the historic tomb of the Bible prophet Jonah.

Along with their “cultural cleansing,” the Islamic State is known for their implementation of sex slavery, horrific executions, and their genocide of Christians, especially those with Middle Eastern ethnicity. However, their atrocities may be coming back to them full circle as reports now show the Islamic State are in danger of being destroyed, not by any nation’s military, but by a flesh-eating disease.

According to Opposing Views and followed-up mostly by conservative sites like Mad World News and Clash Daily, the disease known as Leishmaniasis has surfaced in Syria and has now infected hundreds of Islamic State (ISIS and ISIL) fighters, especially in the city of Raqqa. Symptoms of the disease includes large gaping wounds in which the flesh around it is also eaten, low red blood cells, fever, and a swollen spleen and liver. If not treated correctly, Leishmaniasis is proven to be fatal.

Leishmaniasis ulcer
Open wounds are just one sign of Leishmniasis, a flesh-eating disease.

Apparently, the Islamic State may be the ones at fault for causing Leishmaniasis to spread in the first place, as reported by Mirror. Cases for the disease started to pop up in Syria back in 2014 in which many doctors from international medical organization, Doctors Without Borders, came to help stop it from spreading. However, the humanitarian endeavor by Doctors Without Borders had to be abandoned once the Islamic State seized Syria. It also did not help that many of the country’s medical centers and hospitals were either destroyed or shut down following Islamic State attacks.

The aforementioned circumstances have left the country of Syria to fend for themselves, where medical situations are left to inexperienced medical personnel. However, the worst part is that the Islamic State is actually refusing treatment. That, along with the fact the disease is most prevalent in areas suffering from poverty, malnutrition, and deforestation (conditions amplified by the Islamic State’s destruction) may possibly guarantee the death of at least 20,000 people within the year. However, if conditions are optimized for Leishmaniasis, the number of deaths may increase up to 50,000 people.

[Featured Image via Universal Free Press, Post Image via Wikimedia Commons]