HIV-Positive Ohio Man Who Raped Two 12-Year-Old Girls And Got One Of Them Pregnant Pleads ‘Not Guilty’

An HIV-positive Ohio man, Keith Anthony Allen, 27, who allegedly raped two 12-year-old girls and fondled a 14-year-old girl pleaded “not guilty” on Monday.

According to Daily Mail, Allen was arrested March 23 after the parents’ of one of the girls reported him to the police.

Apparently, Allen began raping the girl – who is his girlfriend’s cousin — in September of 2014, when she would spend the night at their home.

The victim remained silent for six months until she discovered she was pregnant by Allen.

After Columbus police conducted an investigation, they not only discovered that he had raped another 12-year-old girl, and fondled a 14-year-old, but that he was also living with the HIV virus.

Sources say he was aware that he was infected with HIV, but opted to tell no one, not even his longtime girlfriend.

The suspect will face another felony charge for having unprotected sex with multiple partners knowing he carried the virus.

Allen’s girlfriend – whose name has not been released to the public – spoke with reporters at 10TV and stated that she had no idea that he was HIV-positive.

“He at 27 years old knows better than to do what he did not only to me – but to the children,” Allen’s girlfriend stated.

“She told me he would sneak in there while I was asleep and told her if she were to say anything to anybody, he’d kill me, kill my aunt and she was terrified of him. That’s why she didn’t say anything for as long as she has.”


“It shatters my heart,” she continued. “Twelve years old – she hadn’t even begun her life yet.”

“It’s about as disturbing a conduct as you could see, and as you know, we see many cases involving egregious, shocking criminal acts,” said Prosecutor Ron O’Brien. “And this has to rank up there with the most disturbing I’ve seen. I was outraged when I saw that police report.”

Allen’s girlfriend and his victim both have been tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease (STD), but the results were negative for the HIV virus. The girlfriend said that she and her cousin are going to continue to be tested for the virus to ensure they did not contract the virus from Allen.

If Allen is convicted of raping the two young girls while knowing he was HIV-positive, O’Brien stated that he could face life in prison.

He is currently detained at the Franklin County jail with a set bond at $1 million.

[Image courtesy of Victor/Flickr]