Medical Marijuana Access And Marijuana Legalization: Gaining Support Across North America [Video]

Marijuana legalization is only one part of a much larger and important issue. Why are injured and ill patients, including our combat veterans, with every right to health care access in North America being denied access to vital and necessary services?

The International Business Times has released their list of the 20 most influential people in cannabis this week, and as they report, as of April 20, 2015, “four states have legalized recreational use of cannabis and 23 allow marijuana to be prescribed for medical use.”

Dr. Sanjay Gupta supports marijuana legalization and he was on that top 20 list. You can view his CNN special report released on Youtube this week, “Weed 3: Documentary 2015” below.

In the above documentary, President Obama signals his support for nationwide legalization of medical marijuana, beginning with marijuana decriminalization. That would be a historic change for the United States.

As reported in the Inquisitr last month, Jamaica’s historic marijuana legislation change this year, near the anniversary of what would have been the 70th birthday of folk hero and singer Bob Marley, marked a tremendous change in world attitudes towards the legalization of marijuana.

Canada is also making tremendous changes in its marijuana laws and access to marijuana policies and procedures. According to a CTV news report this week, more changes are needed and the recent changes have not met the needs of Canadian patients.

Marijuana For Trauma, Inc., a Canadian grassroots organization with the guiding mandate “Veterans Helping Veterans” has done tremendous work in the areas of outreach and education about access to medical marijuana for people with PTSD. Just last month, The Toronto Star published an in-depth 100-year retrospective article on this condition, once referred to as “shell shock.”

CEO and founder of Marijuana for Trauma, Inc., and Veterans For Healing, Fabian Henry, says that the priority is on assisting veterans and first responders that have been denied access to medical services including medical marijuana, but consulting, alternative therapies and medical liaison services are available to all people. Listen to Henry’s recent CBC radio interview here.

Marijuana For Trauma and Veterans Helping Veterans are moving countrywide to help veterans and other first responders access medical and social services that they have been denied. They offer liaison services with doctors, educational workshops, and a variety of healing therapies including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and a vape lounge where medical marijuana users can feel welcome and comfortable.

As CBC News reported, the MFT, Inc. vape lounge is the first of its kind in New Brunswick. A five-part investigative report by CTV news on medical marijuana featuring MFT founder and CEO, Fabian Henry, called “Marijuana and Battling PTSD” aired March 2, 2015.

They also assist with the shamefully overwhelming tasks related to communicating with Veteran’s Affairs. Henry has learned that many veterans are unaware of benefits that they are entitled to, and they appreciate assistance in researching what they are entitled to and filling out the often intimidating paperwork that goes along with requesting those entitled and earned benefits.

The head office of MFT Inc. is located in the province of New Brunswick, but new offices opened this month in Newfoundland and Ontario to support broader access to medical marijuana.

Fabian Henry and Marijuana For Trauma, Inc. are getting a lot of media coverage across Canada and the U.S. Read the most recent interview with Fabian Henry in the June 2015, edition of High Times Magazine in the article below, aptly entitled “The Green Legion.”

As High Times reported in a previous interview with Henry, the benefits of marijuana use are important to sufferers of PTSD.

“Marijuana For Trauma is on the cutting edge of both cannabis science and the treatment of combat-related injuries. They are currently developing a Natural Therapeutic Centre at Magagadavic Lake which will offer Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, massage therapy, aromatherapy, horticulture therapy, sweat lodges, drum circles, fishing, canoeing, hunting, music therapy, art therapy and trauma reprocessing to veterans in addition to a medical marijuana program.”

Marijuana legalization certainly creates easier access for people using marijuana as an important part of their medical recovery plans, but what will legalization do to improve access to medical care for veterans and others that require medical marijuana?

That’s where organizations like the one designed by Fabian Henry, a Canadian Forces veteran, step in and create the necessary healthy connections between people and health services. You can contact Fabian Henry, or any member of the MFT, Inc. team via their New Brunswick office by mail, online, via Facebook, or by phone at (855) MFT-0420.

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