MTV ‘Teen Mom’ Star Leah Messer Discusses Happiness On Facebook

MTV star Leah Messer shared a post about happiness on Facebook amid reports she and her Teen Mom co-star, Jeremy Calvert, have ended their marriage. On April 6, the MTV star shared the following message with her fans.

“You should never have to lie to your loved ones by telling them only what they want to hear. Your happiness doesn’t depend on what they want think or even know. Your happiness should be what you want in life rather they agree or not. If they care and love you they will support you in the choices you make and what defines your happiness not theirs!”

Although the MTV star didn’t reveal who the message was for or about, it’s certainly possible she could have been talking about Calvert. Since October, when Calvert claimed the MTV star cheated on him with her ex-boyfriend, Robbie Kidd, Leah has been sending mixed messages to fans. Immediately after Calvert’s allegations were made, Messer denied having cheated and told fans she and Calvert were still together. Two months later, the couple attended a New Year’s Eve party, where they were seen sharing a few kisses. Then, earlier this year, things appeared to take a turn for the worse as the MTV star and her husband went silent on social media.

While the MTV star appeared to be doing well in her marriage just months ago as the Inquisitr reported earlier this week, her husband is now said to be ready to move forward with the divorce.

“Jeremy has been telling people for a few weeks now he’s going to file for divorce from Leah,” a source revealed to Us Weekly on April 7.

“They’re not really fighting so much. It’s just a lot of small things that just build up over time, but it does seem like they’re breaking up now.”

Messer married Calvert in 2012, one year after she and her fellow MTV star, Corey Simms, divorced, and in 2013, they welcomed their first child together in daughter Adalynn Faith Calvert.

Although Messer has been extremely active on Twitter as of late, sharing messages about lies and pain, Calvert has been fairly silent, sharing only a couple of photos of himself.

Corey Simms and his new wife, Miranda Patterson, have stayed mum on social media in regard to reports about the MTV star’s possible divorce.

MTV star Leah Messer will return to the network later this year for Teen Mom 2 season six.

[Photo via Facebook]