Twitter became an unofficial emergency broadcast system during the Chardon school shooting

Twitter may seem like it is just some sort of silly little text messaging system that let’s you blow off some steam or share some silly links but one of the more interesting features about the service is how within seconds of an event Twitter becomes the go to source for immediate news.

We have seen it happen in the past when it comes to natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis as well as events like the Grammy and Academy Awards.

The same thing happened during yesterday’s shooting spree at the Chardon High School in Ohio, which we covered extensively here for you, where as soon as the bullets began flying Twitter began to light up with tweets from the students.

While Twitter wasn’t considered as an ‘official’ source of information of the events as they unfolded the students themselves used the service; both during and after it was over to know what was happening, why it happened, and just to try and make sense of the chaos that they had found themselves in.

Twitter at that point not only became a source of news that let the world know what was happening but also became a two-way communication channel for the students when they needed it the most.

via All Twitter