Plane Makes Emergency Landing at Newark Airport Without Front Wheels [Video]

A passenger jet was forced to make an emergency landing at Newark Airport last night without its front wheels. The pilot realized that the front gear wasn’t working while the plane was approaching the airport, but the United Airlines jet had no choice but to land due to low fuel.

A spokesperson for United said:

“On approach, the flight crew was not able to confirm that the nose gear had deployed correctly. After receiving confirmation from Newark Air Traffic Control that the nose gear was not down, the crew declared an emergency, prepared the cabin and safely landed. All customers and crew were safely bussed to the terminal.”

The New York Post reports that the airport was shutdown and rescue crews were brought in as the plane began its descent. The emergency workers sprayed the tarmac down with a fire retardant foam before the plane attempted to make an emergency landing. The plane landed on its back wheels then dragged the nose of the plane across the runway until it stopped.

The United Express Shuttle, Flight 5124 out of Atlanta, was carrying 67 passengers and four crew members during the emergency landing. No one was hurt in the incident.

Here’s a video about the emergency landing at Newark Airport.

The Daily Press reports that the NTSB will now look into the incident to see what caused the mechanical failure.

Have you ever had a scary plane ride?