After A Minor Fall, Enrique Iglesias Flies High Over Guatemala

Enrique Iglesias won’t stay down, even for a second. The world-renowned singer and heartthrob caused a flurry of cardiac palpitations when he slipped and fell during a concert in Guatemala on April 4. According to Latin Post, the moment was captured by concertgoer Jose Carlos Guerra, who then posted the video online (including a slow-mo replay or two).

Ever faithful to the adage “the show must go on,” Iglesias got right back up and kept on gently rocking, finishing the event without further incident. From the cold, hard stage to the balmy troposphere over Central America, Iglesias soared to new heights less than 24 hours later as he took flying lessons the very next day. He even posted a video of himself on the stick via Instagram.

The Guatemala show was a joint event with rapper Pitbull and part of Iglesias’s ongoing promotion of his Sex and Love album. As previously reported by Inquisitr, Enrique previously hit the road with Pitbull last year for a series of dates in September and October. According to The Latin American Herald Tribune, Iglesias has already performed at venues in North America, Europe, and Russia while promoting Sex and Love. He’ll play a number of dates in Mexico this May.

Despite the demands of his travel and performance schedule, Iglesias recently found time to engage in a bit of philanthropy as part of a cooperative effort with the Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation. In a recent interview with Billboard, he discussed a new initiative to award a full scholarship—$200,000, distributed over the course of a four-year program—to a “Latin student with financial need to attend Berklee College of Music.”

“We wanted to get them through the four years of college,” Iglesias told Billboard. “We all know one thing is getting to college, and another is getting through college.”

One might think that the heady supplications of fame, flight, and philanthropy could easily estrange Enrique Iglesias from his legions of adoring fans. But to his credit, he’s hanging in there with his enthusiastic admirers. In the midst of his dates with Pitbull last year, the singer told Broward/Palm Beach Times that he loves his fans and that they’re allowed to “go crazy” on him. Given his spirited engagement with his audience and his eagerness to support aspiring fellow artists, it’s completely understandable that fans feel the same way about Enrique Iglesias as he feels about them.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Clear Channel]