FanSnap Live Event Search Exits Beta

FanSnap, an online ticket searching service launched last October, is officially out of beta today. FanSnap aims to simplify the ticket searching process for any kind of event, calling itself a “vertical search engine” for the genre.

Since its introduction, FanSnap has expanded to have deals with dozens of different ticket providers (including the big name sellers and places like eBay), thereby bringing their information directly into the site. That means you can check out who’s performing where, look at a map of the actual venue to see which seats are available and how much they cost, and — here’s where the service really shines — do a side-by-side comparison of ticket availability and pricing from different providers, all on the same screen.


You can actually order the tickets right from the site as well.

Today’s post-beta opening comes with a refreshed site design, which boasts a faster search system and a handful of other new features.

FanSnap’s founders, Mike Janes and Mark Towfiq, previously worked at StubHub and Flock, respectively. Janes also previously served as GM of Apple’s online Apple Store. Apple VP of Internet Services Eddy Cue is now on the company’s advisory board as well.

We gave FanSnap the thumbs-up when we initially reviewed it, and its progress since the fall only makes the service stronger. This is one of those startups worth keeping an eye on.