Snapchat Update: Bye Bye ‘Best Friends’ List, Hello Emojis

Snapchat has a new update and it’s a huge win for the privacy of their users. The Best Friends List is gone for good. Now Snapchat will add emojis to snaps which indicate the relationship between the sender and receiver, Techcrunch reports.

Here’s what the new Snapchat emojis mean:

Golden Heart: This is the person that you send the most snaps to and receive the most snaps from i.e. your top friend.

Grimace: You have one mutual top friend with this person. The person who you send snaps to the most is also the person that this user sends snaps to the most.

Smile: You’re best friends with this person. This is one of the people you send snaps to the most.

Sunglasses: You have a mutual best friend. The person who you send snaps to the most is also one of the people that this person sends their most snaps to.

Smile: One of the people who you send snaps to the most.

Smirk: You send the most snaps to this person but you’re not the person that they send the most snaps to.

Flame: You’ve been sending and receiving snaps back and forth with this person within the last number of days shown.

The person receiving the snaps will be the only one who can see the emojis which is a welcome change from the now defunct Best Friends List. This list would wreak havoc on user friendships as people could question why they’re not on their closest friend’s best friend list on Snapchat. It also made it easy for snapcheating, i.e the sending lots of snaps to your crush when you’re in a relationship with someone else, to be discovered.

This isn’t the only new snapchat update. The Next Web reports that the company also unveiled a low-light camera option. Snapchat’s camera was previously pretty useless in low-light settings like bars and parties. Now, if you find yourself in a situation where the lighting is terrible, you can tap a moon icon will appear in the top left-hand corner of your screen. When you tap it, Snapchat will automatically brighten the lighting in your photo.

Instead of sending a press release or blog post about the update, Snapchat released the information through their channel on the Discover feature on the app itself. Snapchat officially ditched the Best Friend’s list in January of this year but hadn’t made an update to the app, with a similar capability, until now.

(Image via Techcrunch)