WWE News: ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Elaborates On The Alleged Heat Between Himself And WWE

WWE legend “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has certainly had his ups and downs with WWE throughout his career, and lately rumors have been floating around that there’s a bit of tension between Austin and WWE over the fact that Austin decided to not show up at WrestleMania. Furthermore, Austin has done two podcasts on the WWE Network — one with Vince McMahon in December, the other with Triple H in February — and when it was announced that Chris Jericho would be doing his podcast on the WWE Network this month, it furthered the speculation that there was some tension between “Stone Cold” and WWE.

Before today’s edition of the Steve Austin Show, Austin went on Twitter and promised everyone that he would talk about his alleged heat with WWE, and he certainly did just that.


Austin completely denied that there was any heat between himself and WWE, and said that he wasn’t planning, nor was he supposed to be at WrestleMania. There were also rumors that Austin turned down the WWE Tough Enough gig due to the alleged heat with WWE. But, Austin said that the reason he turned down the job wasn’t due to heat, but it was due to scheduling problems, as WWE was looking to film the new season of Tough Enough right when Austin was going to begin filming his show on CMT, Broken Skull Challenge.

“All kinds of things are being said about the alleged heat between myself and WWE over me no-showing WrestleMania. That’s completely false — there’s no heat.

“With regards to Tough Enough— everybody says ‘oh man, there’s heat with Steve [Austin] and Vince [McMahon] and Steve turned down the Tough Enough gig.’ No, that’s not true. I’ve been talking to WWE about doing Tough Enough for quite some time — it was supposed to be shot in February or March, right now we’re in April, so it didn’t happen in February or March.”

“When WWE wanted to film, that’s when CMT says ‘we want to do more episodes of Broken Skull Challenge.‘ So there was a clash of schedules — I wouldn’t even say a clash, it was just that both things lined up at the same time, and I had the previous commitment to Broken Skull Challenge.”

As mentioned before, there were people who thought that WWE having Chris Jericho’s podcast air on the WWE Network instead of Steve Austin’s was due to WWE not liking some of Austin’s questions when he interviewed Vince McMahon and Triple H. Again, Austin says that’s not true, and that there’s nothing to those rumors.

“Podcast on the WWE Network — I’m not doing the podcast on the WWE Network because we did the initial two, and we were going to make a deal, and move forward — a deal wasn’t made, and we’re not moving forward. End of story. There’s no heat there.

“Some people said that Vince McMahon wasn’t happy with the questions that I was asking. Not true at all. So, again, there was a deal that could have been made, the deal was not made, and WWE went the direction they went, and down the road if we partner up and do something, that’ll be gangbusters.”

So there you have it, folks! There’s no heat between “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and WWE, and Austin is open to working with them in the future if his schedule allows him to. Of course, people are hoping that Austin will come out of retirement for one last match at next year’s WrestleMania, which will likely be the biggest WrestleMania of all-time. As of right now, Austin isn’t interested. But, in the world of WWE, you should never say never.

[Image via WWE]