Bruno Mars’ ‘Uptown Funk’ Treadmill Dancer On ‘Ellen Show’ But What’s Next?

Carson Dean recently posted a video of himself dancing to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk.” It wasn’t just your everyday dance routine — it was performed entirely on a treadmill. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the YouTube video quickly went viral and was covered by numerous media outlets. Fans reached out from all walks of life, telling him how his video brightened their day or inspired them in some way.

His epic dance caught the attention of Ellen DeGeneres, who then invited him on her show to perform in person. Carson told Ellen that he accidentally posted the video online for the entire world to see. He explained it was intended for his friends and family. He thought he hit the “private” setting after uploading the video, then he went to bed. He awoke the next morning to see the video already had three million views, and was all over the internet and news. It was then he realized his mistake.

Ellen told the dancer that she has been trying some of his moves — which aren’t as easy as he makes them look — when she’s on the treadmill every morning. She said she was having trouble copying his signature flip. The talk show host asked what setting he has his treadmill on when he’s doing his moves. When he told her 2.5, she joked she had hers on 3.5, which must surely be the problem.

Carson then thrilled Ellen and the viewers with his “Uptown Funk” dance. Before he left the stage, Ellen gave him a gift. Telling him she didn’t want him to hurt himself, she handed him a custom Ellen helmet, complete with built-in Beats. He later posted a picture of himself wearing his “lucky Ellen underwear” and Ellen blue Beats.


Dean has been teasing his fans that he is currently training for something, but won’t give any clues as to what it is. He posted a short promo video entitled “#WhatIf,” stating only to stay tuned for the announcement. Soon after his “Uptown Funk” video went viral, he mentioned on his Facebook page that America’s Got Talent had contacted him to audition. That’s just one possibility.

The dancer/choreographer has inspired many to funk up their normal treadmill routines. He posted a clip of people showing off their moves for him. He invited his fans to keep the videos coming, adding “No matter what age, lets keep the joy spreading.”

Are you inspired to try out some of Carson Dean’s “Uptown Funk” treadmill dance moves?

[Image by Carson Dean/Facebook]