Bruno Mars’ ‘Uptown Funk’ Inspires Epic Treadmill Dance [Video]

Carson Dean just launched the treadmill from boring to funky with his insane Bruno Mars “Uptown Funk” inspired treadmill dance.

While many of us consider simply getting on and off the treadmill safely an accomplishment, dancer and choreographer, Carson Dean, is burning it up like a dance floor. His epic routine, which went viral after he posted it on Youtube, amazes with fancy footwork, kicks, and even flips.

On the surface, this looks like a very talented guy who gained overnight fame by posting his super cool video to Youtube. However, what’s even more amazing than his moves is the response he’s gotten from some of his new fans. Several have told him he has inspired them during difficult times, and made their days brighter.

One woman commented on his Facebook page that her daughter with rheumatoid arthritis was bedridden for 2 years, and is trying to learn to walk again. She said she puts his video on while she is on the treadmill, which she used to dread getting on. He brings her joy now, as she works to walk again for her own 3 children.

“She uses your video as inspiration and shares it at least every day. She places this video on front of her treadmill and watches as she learns to walk again. She used to dread using the treadmill, but you have inspired her and made it fun for her.”

Another woman shared that her soldier husband is suffering from PTSD after his tour in Afghanistan. She expressed her gratitude for making him laugh and smile for the first time in over a year.

“Seeing him genuinely smile for the first time in over a year warms my heart and I’m so grateful.”

Dean gushes on his Facebook page in response to those who have reached out to him with their touching stories.

“I’ve gotten so many inspiring messages from people in wheel chairs, handicapped marines, parents of special needs children who just smiled so big watching my video and others who have just told me how it made their day better. This video was for fun, but when you hear how much joy you bring to people, there is no better thing you can receive or hear than that…that is a blessing in itself.”

Keep an eye out for this guy, because word has it America’s Got Talent has invited him to audition. He’s also offered to visit the Today Show with some treading lessons. Some are saying his treadmill workout is the next Zumba. Bruno Mars should be proud “Uptown Funk” helped inspire Carson Dean to unexpectedly touch so many lives by sharing his talent with the world.

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