Leah Messer Marriage Update: Jeremy Calvert Reportedly Living As A ‘Single Man’

Leah Messer may be set to return to Teen Mom 2 later this year, but while she is busy filming, she is also busy keeping a low social media profile. Ever since rumors of the reality show star cheating on her husband, Jeremy Calvert, both she and Jeremy have stayed quiet on the status of their relationship.

The couple spent New Year’s Eve together and were photographed together having a good time. However, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Leah spent both her wedding anniversary and the recent Easter holiday alone. Now, new details about the marriage have emerged.

According to a new report from the Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Jeremy Calvert has been “living as a single man.” Aside from unfollowing one another on Twitter, Jeremy’s family is reportedly no longer friends with Leah Messer on Facebook. Not only that, but allegedly Jeremy has been seeing another woman.

Late last year, Jeremy Calvert began speaking to a woman on Twitter named Brittany. The messages shared between the two were leaked, and it was revealed that the two had made plans to meet up. While the meet up never happened, Leah Messer did confront Brittany. Those messages were later leaked as well.

Despite that, Leah and Jeremy tried to make their marriage work. There was a time when Leah even considered not signing on for a sixth season of Teen Mom 2, perhaps in an effort to quell the drama in her life. However, she eventually decided to sign on for another season to share her story.

On her anniversary on April 4, Leah took to her Official Facebook Page to talk about the special day.

“Today makes 3 years marriage for Jeremy and I. #ANNIVERSARY”

However, the Ashley reports that on Easter, Leah Messer’s status update wasn’t as hopeful. She revealed that Easter would not be the first holiday she spent without Jeremy Calvert and there are days that are harder than others. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Leah and Jeremy willingly spent the day apart. Jeremy’s job often takes him out of town for extended periods of time. Leah then noted that there will be “more struggles” to come.

Of course, there is no confirmation on the status of Leah and Jeremy’s marriage, and they seem to be fine keeping it that way. Whether it is for the sake of privacy or for the sake of reality television, Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert are continuing to stay quiet, despite the rumors swirling.

[Image: via Twitter]