Thomas Ravenel Celebrates Easter With Kensington: Was Kathryn There?

Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel may be known to some as a politician with a criminal past, but Bravo viewers know him as the man who got a young woman pregnant. And Thomas is now caught up in a tumultuous relationship with this much younger woman. Since they are not married, it is very possible that Ravenel believes that he isn’t tied down to anyone in particular.

Thomas Ravenel has been accused of cheating, lying, and keeping secrets from Kathryn Calhoun. And she isn’t particularly happy with his behavior. As seen on tonight’s episode of the show, Thomas’ campaign video doesn’t sit well with her, and she doesn’t want their daughter to be embarrassed of her father’s behavior. But it sounds like things have changed in South Carolina.

According to a new Facebook post, Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel is now revealing that he spent Easter weekend with his daughter, Kensington. And given Thomas’ tumultuous relationship with Kathryn Calhoun, fans were wondering if these two were indeed together over the weekend. And Thomas posted both pictures of himself with his daughter, and a picture of Kathryn with Kensington. No family photo was posted.

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Thomas Ravenel and Kathyn have been going through quite the drama lately. Just in the past two weeks, Kathryn has accused Thomas of cheating on her while she was expecting. While she was pregnant, the Bravo cameras were not around to film. It is very possible that Ravenel was cheating on Kathryn during her pregnancy.

Thomas “had sex with one of my best friends while I was pregnant. I typically never retaliate, or rather acknowledge such disgusting behavior. However, since he chooses to publicize our life, here’s just a *tid bit* of the truth,” she revealed on Facebook recently.

But she hasn’t been as honest either if you ask Thomas Ravenel. According to the Inquisitr, Ravenel recently went on a Facebook rant, accusing her of cheating on him. He was shocked to learn that she had been texting someone, telling that person that she loved him. This supposedly only happened a few weeks ago, so it is interesting that Thomas is hanging around Kathryn and his daughter on Easter.

But it is very possible that the two remain broken up, since there was no family photo in the pictures shared on Facebook. On Twitter, Thomas only posted the picture with his daughter.

What do you think of Thomas Ravenel’s pictures?

[Image via Facebook]