Thomas Ravenel Accuses Kathryn Calhoun Of Cheating: Facebook Rant Involves Lawyer

Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel decided to stay with Kathryn Calhoun after she became pregnant with his first child, Kensington. Ravenel knew that the age gap between them could cause some troubles, but they kept fighting through. As fans will see on Southern Charm this season, Thomas’ relationship has been a roller coaster of emotions.

Just last week, Thomas Ravenel went on Watch What Happens Live, where he revealed that he was back together with Kathryn. Two weeks ago, he revealed that he had indeed broken up with Kathryn, but it appears to be very on-and-off. Surely, Thomas would rather be single based on the new information he has discovered.

According to a new Fits News report, Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel opened up about his personal life in a Facebook rant and he revealed some very interesting information. Apparently, Thomas believes that Kathryn has been cheating on him with someone named Tanner, also known as Tan Tan.

“While it hurts it’s finally healthy progress to know the truth,” Thomas Ravenel revealed on Facebook, sharing a picture of text messages that reveals Kathryn is in love with Tanner.

“The joke of it is that she said she was going to propose to me today,” Ravenel revealed in his rant, adding, “I’m great in business but my personal life sucks! What an idiot I am. Not only that but she’s telling everyone that physically assault her which is not only hurtful but blatantly false. My lawyer is right. When I see her I should run. Right now I don’t know how it could be worse unless we lost our health. How did I let her take my heart. It was cold and on a perch. Now it’s completely vanished with not even an attempt for explanation.”

Kathryn hasn’t talked about Tanner on the show, so he is unknown to Southern Charm viewers. But it is also shocking that she was supposed to propose to Thomas today. Apparently, they had been working on their relationship and wanted to make it official. Maybe Ravenel will be taking his lawyer’s advice and just leave Kathryn once and for all.

But Thomas isn’t completely innocent in this matter. According to the Inquisitr, Thomas Ravenel lied about his relationship with the woman named Jen, who was on this week’s episode of Southern Charm. Calhoun claims that Ravenel wasn’t honest about how close they were.

What do you think about Thomas Ravenel’s Facebook rant? Do you think this relationship is over for good?

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