Father Exposes Mother Of His Children With Footage Of Her Horrible Living Conditions, Footage Goes Viral [Video]

**Warning: Video contains explicit language and content that may be offensive to some viewers.**

One guy is completely fed up with the mother of his children. So, he’s decided to expose her with graphic footage of her home and horrific living conditions to justify his claims. Apparently, he’s paying child support to assist her with taking care of the children, but based on the documentary-style clip, its quite easy to see why he’s questioning where his money goes.

The eight-minute video begins with footage of what appears to be a bedroom. An infant can be seen laying on top of piles of clothing and trash on a mattress. As he moves the camera around the room, he exposes more piles of trash, rodents, old food, and dirty clothing.

Throughout the video, he can be heard talking about the mother’s home and living conditions. He repeatedly cites that there is trash everywhere. No matter which angle he turns the camera, trash can be seen as the children play with their toys surrounded by filth.

The father moves on to the bathroom where a ring of dirt can be seen in the tub. He states that the same toys are in the tub from his last visit when he bathed the children. The frustrated father insists the children have not been bathed since he left. As he continues to walk through the house, he can also be heard saying that the heater does not work and the children spent the winter months freezing.

He also offers a few details about the mother’s personal life before moving on to the kitchen. Again, there’s trash everywhere, dirty pots, expired food, dead rodents. He also cites the horrific smell of expired food in the refrigerator, comparing it to the smell of “two thousand dead people.”

When he opens a closet door, roaches can be seen crawling on the door, walls, and ceiling. Unfortunately, its quite obvious the children have no idea just how bad their living environment is because they just continue to talk and play as if nothing is wrong.

The video, which was uploaded to World Star Hip Hop on April 4 has garnered nearly 600,000 views. Needless to say, many are appalled by the horrific living conditions shown documented in the video. Most viewers are outraged that the poor children as a result of the mother’s poor domestic skills. However, the father has also been criticized for allowing the careless mother to keep the children. Many viewers have questioned why he has not opted to take the children from her

Do you think both parents should be held accountable for the children’s horrific living conditions even thought the father does not live there? Share your thoughts.

[Image via WSHH]