Penis House’s Sales Price Asks A Ballsy $853k For ‘Buckingham Phallus’ [Photos]

Would you like to live in the penis house? The Family Guy’s Quagmire may say this house’s unique design is “giggity” approved, but many women will probably roll their eyes right out of their heads once they realize the sales price is $853,000.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, a shepherd was found dead after having “relations” with a scarecrow.

A penis house with the nickname of “Buckingham Phallus” may seem like a joke, but it was actually erected in 1958 by acclaimed Aussie architect Stan Symonds. Pictures from the outside do not automatically let you know it really is the penis house, since you either have look at the blueprints or have a birds-eye view of the place. Even if you do look at the blueprints, the only thing noticeable at first is that the four bedroom house is designed to be very circular, but any sixth grader can tell you what it really looks like.

The penis house is properly known as the Sherwin House, but real estate agent Phil Vanstone, from LJ Hooker Mona Vale, says he believes the architect deliberately designed the property to look phallic, even if you can’t tell the difference while walking around.

“He is a very bright fellow, so I imagine he probably does know it is shaped as the way it is. [The current owners] think it is a bit tongue in cheek,” said Vanstone.”I had one couple come through and the husband was having a bit of a chuckle about it, and his wife was telling him to stop being a child.”

Vanstone believes the penis house may seem a bit pricey at $853k, but the house’s unusual shape is not the only reason to grab onto it.

“To have a house that the kitchen has a view of the swimming pool and for the outdoor and indoor entertaining areas to flow off the kitchen is a premium thing to have in a property,” he explained, according to Express. “This house has been designed with that in mind. It is a very liveable floor plan, although a bit odd, and the fact it has all the original carpentry shows it is a very liveable design, as people haven’t gone messing with it.”

The listing for the penis house notes the bushland backdrop alongside the beautiful sandstone features. There is also floor-to-ceiling glass in the living and dining areas, which gives a nice view of the in-ground pool. The house is currently set to go to auction on September 4, 2015.

Would you ever consider living in anything like the penis house… or would that be too ballsy a move?