New Mom Honors Deceased Husband By Adding His ‘Ghost’ To Photo, Picture Goes Viral

Last July, Sierra Sharry and husband Lane Smith joyfully expected their first child. Life was perfect. Then, the unimaginable happened: Smith suffered a head injury and died suddenly thereafter, according to the Huffington Post. Sharry’s life fell apart, and she posted the following on Facebook.

“July 13th 2014 was the absolute worst day of my life. I lost my best friend. The father of my unborn child.”

Her son Tao was born two weeks later. When he was six months old and it was time for pictures to be taken, Sharry decided that she wanted to honor her late husband. She wanted a picture of their whole family, including Lane. “I just got to thinking, we don’t have a picture with Lane in it,” Sharry stated. So she contacted a photographer, Kayli Rene Photography. She told the photographer the following, according to NBC News, Channel 2.

“They asked me if I would be willing to ‘play around’ with capturing their first family photo by editing Taos’ daddy in one of their pictures.”

Although Kayli wasn’t sure that she could find exactly the right picture that would work, she did. A picture of Lane looking over his family’s shoulder was edited into one of Sharry holding infant Taos. The ghost of Lane Smith now is watching over his family, as Kayli imported a transparent likeness of Lane into the photo of Sharry holding her precious son Tao.

Little did they know that the photo would go viral on the internet. Sierra thanked Kayli on the photographer’s Facebook page with a touching tribute.

Thanks to Kayli I now have a picture of my little family. It brought me to tears as I know it will many if y’all. This is how I picture us. Taos and I living our lives the best we can with Lane ALWAYS watching over our shoulder. He is watching out for his little boy better than anyone and [I] know he’s got to be so proud. I love my little family sooooo much and I’m proud to be the mother to Lane[‘]s little boy.

Sharry indicated that “Lane’s not physically here with us, of course, but that picture represents to us that he is always watching over us and he will always be there for us not matter what.” Apparently, the photo and her story touched many, as the photographer’s Facebook page had over 200,000 “likes” and over 28,000 shares regarding the special family photo and Sharry’s story.

On another family note, an often-photographed family, the Duggars, are waiting a new addition. Jill Duggar Dillard and husband Derick are awaiting their baby, who is more than a week overdue. According to an Inquisitr article, Jill’s mother Michelle indicated that it was up to God whether or not she would have more children.

[Photo Courtesy Facebook]