A 70-Year-Old Woman Trapped Between Subway Platform And Train Escapes After People Rock Train Back And Forth [Video]

A heartwarming video is taking off and going viral on YouTube, because it displays the good things that can happen when a crowd gets together to accomplish something good. This time it was an elderly woman who experienced the love and concern of strangers when she became stuck between the subway platform and the train. The event occurred the night of April 4, at the so-dubbed “Marxist” Kalinin-Solntsevo Moscow station.

Titled “Metro passengers rescued an old woman, swinging the car” — at least that’s how the English translation reads from the Russian title — the video published on April 4 has received nearly 75,000 views. In the now-viral video, the subway riders can be seen rocking the subway cars back and forth until the 70-year-old woman was set free from her trapped and precarious position.

According to Life News, the woman’s leg had become lodged between the subway train and the platform, after somehow stumbling and falling so that her leg became wedged. Witnesses to the incident reported that the woman slipped after the train pulled into the subway station, and passengers began filing out of the subway cars to see what was going on. When the elderly woman couldn’t get her leg free on her own, that’s when many of the male passengers started to rock the car back and forth in an effort to free the trapped woman.

In the meantime, other passengers reportedly told the train’s conductor and engineer about the melee, so that the train would not proceed forward until she was set free. It took about 15 seconds of rocking the heavy train back and forth, but the rocking efforts were successful and the woman escaped.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t injury free. The woman injured her leg, according to World News. An ambulance was called, which transported the woman to the hospital, reported law enforcement officials.

The Moscow incident wasn’t the first time a passenger had to be rescued after a leg was trapped between the platform and a train. In August, 2014, as reported by the Daily Mail, a man was freed in Perth, Western Australia, after slipping and finding his leg wedged all the way up to his thigh between the subway and platform. In that instance as well, good hearted passengers rocked the train car back and forth until the man became free, saving the man’s life and leg.

As reported by the Inquisitr, the most recent viral train-related incidents involved a cat being freed from a train station after being trapped therein for five years.

[Image via World News]