Edward Major Arrest: Man Charged With Assaulting Three Women In Isolated Events On The Same Night

Edward Major, a 55-year-old man in Harlem, was arrested in the middle of last week for allegedly assaulting a woman on West 111 Street.

Police took the woman’s description and found that Major strongly resembled it, so they took him into custody, after which the woman said she believed the man was her assailant.

While Major was being booked, a 911 call came in reporting a robbery in the lobby of an apartment building on the same street.

The second victim, also female, positively ID’d Edward Major as her attacker as well.

At around 7:45pm, a third victim called in and ended up picking Major out of a police lineup. Authorities said that one of the assaults was captured on video, and that of the three victims, only one required medical attention.

The report from CBS New York said that she suffered a sprained elbow, a broken nose, and bruising about her face.

This isn’t the first time the Inquisitr has brought you the story of a prolific crime spree, and as it turns out, it’s not always a common criminal to blame.

In fact, a story from February 2015 revealed that former police officer Brad Young was responsible for more than 60 burglaries.

The former police lieutenant in Waupun, Wisconsin, admitted to over 60 burglaries in seven different counties. When the 22-year police veteran was arrested in 2013, police believed he was merely responsible for a burglary at a restaurant in the town of Green Lake. However, after further investigation, police officials started looking at more unsolved crimes around the same time period, and what they discovered was quite shocking.

After robbing the Kollerville Restaurant in Green Lake, officers caught the officer red-handed. Young bolted, running into a corn field. He managed to steal a vehicle from the area and eluded the officers. Brad headed north, ditching his first stolen car and stealing a second one, which he drove to Northwestern Wisconsin. Authorities in Barron County were alerted to Young’s presence and gave chase. That high-speed chase ended in a car crash and a subsequent man hunt before he was arrested.

At the time, Young’s coworkers at the Waupun Police Department, including Deputy Chief Scott Louden, said they were shocked at Brad’s arrest. Louden, who had known Young professionally for 13 years, said there was no indication that there was anything strange going on in Young’s life.

As for the case of Edward Major, authorities have indicated that he will be charged with felony assault, misdemeanor assault, and two counts of robbery.