Andy Murray, Kim Sears To Marry Saturday: Murray Says ‘It’s Just Better To Let The Woman Have It How She Would Like’

Andy Murray may be a superstar on the tennis court, but when it comes to wedding planning, he’s confessed that he’s just like any other man.

Murray is just not that into it.

“In terms of flowers and color schemes and those sorts of things, I couldn’t really care less about that, to be honest,” Murray said, according to the Daily Mail.

Murray and fiancee Kim Sears are planning to marry Saturday at Dunblane Cathedral in Dunblane, Scotland. The service will be followed by a reception at Cromlix House, a 15-bedroom hotel owned by Murray. Sears, an artist, and Andy have been dating for nearly 10 years — the couple met at the U.S. Open in 2005.

According to a handwriting analyst, it may be good that Andy Murray is taking a backseat to Sears when it comes to wedding planning. In an article posted on the Daily Record‘s website, graphologist Jan Harrison analyzed the handwriting of Murray and Sears, and Harrison said that Sears is likely to be the more dominant personality in the relationship.

“Kim’s signature also suggests she will have strong opinions and high principles which she sticks to,” Harrison said of Sears, adding that Murray’s handwriting “is far more passive and yielding. He might find himself a bit misunderstood because he can sometimes send out mixed signals … he is more inclined to keep his thoughts and feelings to himself.”

Perhaps Harrison’s insight explain part of the relationship dynamic between Murray and Sears, though Murray has said that he was involved in at least one aspect of the wedding planning: the menu.

Murray, a self-confessed foodie, told the Daily Mail that he definitely played a part in tasting the menu beforehand.

“The only thing I wanted to do was be involved with the food, because I like my food. I like good food,” Murray told the Daily Mail. “I went along and did the food tasting, and I also did the cake tasting as well. So that would be the thing that I would say I have been most involved in.”

Andy has not publicly revealed which dishes he and Sears chose for their wedding, but Murray’s eating habits have been well-documented. According to the Telegraph, Murray follows a high-protein, gluten-free diet, and his favorite dishes include salmon with wild rice, roasted chicken with vegetables and potatoes, and steak with salad.

Regardless of the food that will be served at the wedding, Andy Murray has made two things clear: He does not want his wedding to distract from his tennis season (the couple will not be taking a honeymoon until November, after the season is finished), and he thinks it’s best to let Kim Sears make the majority of the decisions herself.

“I think in a lot of cases it’s just better to let the woman have it how she would like,” Andy Murray said.

What do you think of Murray’s attitude toward his wedding? Should he be more involved in the wedding planning, or is it okay that Andy Murray has left most of the decisions to his future wife?

[Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images]