‘Rainbow Six Siege’ Dev Team Shares Tips For Closed Alpha

In episode two of the Rainbow Six Siege “Behind the Wall” video series, Ubisoft shows off the game’s new Operator system. Plus, in their official blog, the development team shares some tips and secrets that players can take with them into the closed alpha opening this week.

Operators are broken down into two types, Attackers and Defenders. Each Operator brings to the game a very particular set of skills that might even impress even Liam Neeson. At this time, 10 of the Operators have been revealed, and 20 or more are expected to be included in the final game. Castle, for example, is a Defender with experience as an American FBI SWAT member. He comes equipped with Kevlar barricades that can be placed over doorways and windows to prevent easy entry. Sledge, British SAS, is an Attacker with a breaching hammer that can mow through walls and even Castle’s barricades. The caveat is how noisy Sledge makes his entrances.

The pros and cons for each Rainbow Six Siege Operator allow players to find a character whose specialties suit their personal play style, while also encouraging players to communicate and collaborate with a team of complementary Operators. Gameplay Designer Andrew Witts offers some examples of Operators whose abilities combine for some formidable results, starting with Castle and another Operator named Mute.

“Mute’s jammer will prevent all breach charges in a certain radius from going off. So it’s another means of protecting your objective room or certain walls you don’t want to be destroyed… If you put down a Castle barricade and set up Mute’s jammer right next to it, you can’t blow up that barricade. You’re going to have to use Sledge or find a way to disable that jammer in order to take out that Castle barricade.”

Witts also suggests teaming up Sledge with another Operator named Thermite, whose specialty is using thermite breach charges.

“The thermite breaches are very loud when they go off and they draw everyone’s attention with all of the noise and the sparks going off. If you time it just right and use Sledge’s sledgehammer at the same time, you can make a hole somewhere else and the other team won’t even notice, allowing the Attackers to sneak around the Defenders barricades.”

Witts gives these dev tips as examples, but also challenges the gaming community to explore all their options.

“So try different combinations. Get to know the ins and outs of each Operator. Try to figure out which specialists gel with each other. You may discover some new partnerships even the devs haven’t spotted.”

Players will have their first opportunity to dive into the gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege through the closed alpha. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, closed alpha sign-ups to play and test Rainbow Six Siege opened in mid-March and are still open as of this writing. As noted on the official UbiBlog, the closed alpha begins on April 7, 2015, at 10 a.m. eastern standard time and it ends on April 13 at 10 a.m. eastern standard time.

Players who receive Rainbow Six Siege Alpha access can prepare for the experience by reviewing videos of the House map shown off at E3 in 2014, since that is one of the maps featured in the closed alpha. The development team has also revealed a Plane map will be part of the closed alpha, as well. In what started out as a test map, Witts describes why the plane has made it into Rainbow Six Siege.

“Our level design team is no joke. They made an awesome prototype and it was very fun. We thought it was just too awesome to not show and let people play, especially since we ourselves considered it to almost be the map that shouldn’t work. This is a map that, on paper, should not work, but it does and it’s incredibly fun.”

UbiBlog further advises Defenders to use Castle’s Kevlar barricades to fortify areas in the Plane map and guide enemies into traps hidden on the walkways. Taking out surveillance drones is a priority to keeping those traps a pleasant surprise. Attackers on this map are advised to use the ladders found throughout the plane to get around. Feeling “trapped” can sometimes just be an illusion, since it’s possible to bust through the ceiling if desired to take down the opposing team. Being bold enough to break open your own entryways is a tactic that may give your team the advantage on this particular Rainbow Six Siege map.

Good luck out there, soldiers.