Apple Takes Potential Customers On Guided Tours Of The Apple Watch’s Main Features [Video]

Apple has recently released a series of four “guided tour” videos to help potential customers work their way around the interface of the revolutionary Apple watch.

The first “welcome to Apple Watch” video, serves as an overall introduction to the watch’s major features. A few of these characteristics include the ability to track your fitness, a friends button, force touch, music control and “digital crown” – a wheel on the side of the watch that is used for scrolling.

With the hefty price tag that ranges from $349 to $1,700, Apple seeks to highlight the value of the watch in the introductory video.

“Since it’s right there on your wrist, it’s ideal for brief interactions,” the narrator states. “It lets you quickly do things you’re used to doing on your phone, but in a more convenient, less obtrusive way.”

In the second video, Apple shows how you can instantly respond to messages without having to take out your phone.

A third video showcases “faces,” which basically gives you the option of customizing the interface, or face, of the Apple watch. Options here include an analog-looking clock with minute and hour hands, the current temperature and phases of the moon.

The fourth video, “digital touch,” highlights a feature that allows you to send your friends (who happen to also own an Apple watch) tap patterns, quick sketches, and even your heartbeat.

Apple plans to release more tutorials on the watch – providing details about Apple Pay, Siri, phone calls, maps, workouts, music, and activity.

The watch is expected to be launched on April 24, and preorders begin on April 10. But don’t expect to line up at an Apple store to get this nifty device, as it’ll only be available for purchase through an appointment.

[Image via Apple/YouTube]