Chaelin Lee’s ‘Time 100’ Votes: Three Times Lady Gaga’s, Six Times Beyonce’s

Seemingly out of nowhere, Chaelin Lee has far surpassed both Lady Gaga and Beyonce in the Time “100” polls, and it’s blowing people’s minds like popcorn.

By now, the question that’s perplexing many music enthusiasts’ minds is this: “who is this CL person”? Well, after making a grand entrance at Ultrafest, Chaelin Lee‘s (also known as Lee Chae-rin) searches have spiked immensely. Many are finding out that Lee is a South Korean pop star with an enormous worldwide following. Though her loyal Blackjack fans have supported her long before mainstream America knew of her, U.S. listeners are turning their ears and attentions to this pop icon.

According to the results on Time, Chaelin has more votes than Barack Obama, Rihanna, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and many others. Of course, Lee’s leading the polls, and her lead is unreal. There are only two weeks left in the polls, and with a headwind like this, it’s going to be pretty tough for the competition to take over. Not that it’s impossible, but it’s possibly improbable.

After Chaelin sent out this tweet, the game was on, and that’s just from her own Twitter account. There are scores of fan pages who have spread the word. If you don’t know about Blackjack — 2NE1’s official fan club — you should know that the dedication and support are real.

2NE1 is the Kpop group of which Chaelin Lee is a part. But as you can see, Chaelin’s reach is strong.

Along with the Time “100” uproar, Lee is priming for her U.S. debut. Well, the official one anyway.

Chaelin Lee With Diddy - Justin Bieber - Skrillex - And Diplo

Although Chaelin’s transitioning into the American industry, she is sticking with her Korean business entities. Recently, Lee extended her contract with YG Entertainment. It seems that, even with the fast uprise, Chaelin isn’t forgetting those who supported her during “the comeup.”

So, what are your thoughts about the South Korean pop star and rapper? Do you think Lee is going to take the Time “100” cover? What about her U.S. transition? Will she make it or flop?

Feel free to share your comments in the section below.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Chaelin Lee is an extrovert?

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