New York Yankees Rumors: Did Joe Girardi Finally Address Yankees Closer Rumors?

New York Yankees rumors about the closer situation have gone on all Spring Training. Now those Yankees rumors may have been addressed by manager Joe Girardi. At least partly. Speaking with the New York Post about whether he would go with Dellin Betances or Andrew Miller to replace David Robertson as the Yankees’ closer, Giradi at least shed a little more light on what is going on. He also spoke about whether it would be a situational choice on who gets the call in the ninth inning.

“I think that’s possible. We could go by where they are in the lineup or use them both. I think if you do it that way, and as long as you are prepared, it has a chance to be advantageous, too. I have talked to both guys and they are concerned about winning more than titles in a sense of, ‘I am this guy, I am this guy.’ That’s the sense I have gotten from them. Could it iron itself out and you start to do it one way, yes.”

These New York Yankees rumors are the worst king for fantasy baseball owners, especially because it can be defined as a non-answer in this situation. It had seemed like Dellin Betances was going to step right into the role after David Robertson decided to sign with the Chicago White Sox, especially after a really impressive 2014 MLB season. He appeared in 70 games, posting a 1.40 ERA and 0.778 WHIP over 90 innings. Betances was also 5-0 and averaged 13.5 strikeouts every nine innings.

During the offseason, the Yankees signed Andrew Miller as a free agent, possibly with the intent to make Betances earn the role in Spring Training. Betances then struggled a lot, posting a 6.14 ERA and 1.773 WHIP over eight spring appearances. It opened the door for Miller to take over the closing duties and now it is possible that Girardi could give a nod to the veteran relief pitcher.

It doesn’t seem like Joe Girardi is close to making a final decision in the closer battle, meaning there could be no announcement for the Opening Day game. As was previously reported on The Inquisitr, the 2014 season opened with questions about who the closer would be as well. This keeps the options open for the team, but it also becomes easy to predict that New York Yankees rumors about Betances and Miller aren’t going to go away. Having depth in the bullpen certainly isn’t a bad thing, either, as the Yankees have multiple guys to get those final outs.

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