WWE: AJ Lee Pregnant With CM Punk? Bayley Starts Baby Bump Rumor, Fans Predict Return

Is AJ Lee pregnant or about to start a family with CM Punk now that she is retired and can be herself as AJ Brooks? The WWE Divas do like to joke around, and when internet rumors spring up, sometimes they like to feed them. WWE Diva Bayley recently jumpstarted these pregnancy rumors with several comments, and now some are starting to wonder if the WWE purposefully worded their announcement in such a manner to allow for AJ Lee’s return in the future.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, CM Punk has been hinting that AJ Lee’s UFC career is a real possibility. CM Punk also publicly responded to his wife’s departure, and now it’s being suggested that something special will happen at Monday Night RAW this coming week.

If AJ Lee quit in order to start a family, it would fulfill a longstanding rumor. Way, way before CM Punk and AJ Lee even started their honeymoon in Hawaii, it was rumored that she was pregnant, but obviously that idea was false since even her WWE character is not crazy enough to wrestle while carrying a baby.

The reason why these type of rumors persist is because we realistically have little factual news since Phil and April aren’t discussing their private lives. Even AJ’s own website, AJ-Brooks.com, is not providing any information on why she suddenly retired. In 2014, this lack of solid info led many in the media to call AJ Lee pregnant, and some even went so far as to scrutinize photos to see if AJ Lee’s baby bump was showing.

After all, nothing revs the celebrity gossip machine more than having children. WWE Diva Bayley knows this, and there’s a good chance she was just messing with everyone’s heads when she left this interesting remark on Twitter.

Notice how Bayley goes out of her way to position her hand over AJ Lee’s “baby bump.” AJ does seem to be in on the joke, based on her face and the way she’s holding her hand. While that is a very big leap in logic to say Bayley is giving hints about a secret pregnancy, on Instagram she made it even more blunt by writing, “We’re expecting… her and Paige to win at Wrestlemania tomorrow.”

Yes, that does mean the comments were made before WrestleMania 31, and since AJ Lee retired yesterday, it’s obvious she could not have been pregnant for the match with the Bella Twins based on WWE policy. We also know Bayley is messing with fans because the photo was originally taken in 2014. Some fans speculate that AJ told Bayley that she’s looking to start a family so she reused the photo, which makes sense since otherwise it’d be odd to start more pregnancy rumors when that idea had mostly died down during the last several months.

In addition, speculation about AJ Lee’s return has already started among fans. When the WWE announced AJ Lee’s retirement they phrased it this way.

“AJ Lee (April Mendez) has decided to retire from in-ring competition with WWE. We wish AJ the very best.”

Some fans have noted that they specifically said “in-ring competition,” which could mean AJ Brooks will still be available for the occasional promo or appearance. If she does plan on getting pregnant yet wants to maintain her personal privacy, then this type of retirement announcement makes sense. In the end, unless the WWE decides to clarify her plans, we’ll probably never know for certain in the short term, but that won’t stop the WWE rumor mill.