Jana Duggar Hangs With Sadie Robertson: ’19 Kids,’ ‘Duck Dynasty’ Crossover?

Jana Duggar recently befriended a fellow reality show star, and Jim Bob might not be the biggest fan of his daughter’s new pal. Most people would consider Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson to be extremely conservative, but she’s a real wild child compared to the Duggars.

According to Reality TV Magazine, the worlds of 19 Kids and Counting and Duck Dynasty recently collided when Joy-Anna, Jinger, and Jana Duggar hung out with Sadie Robertson. There’s no word on whether the girls were shooting a crossover episode for one of their reality shows, but doing so would likely lead to a big ratings boost — Duck Dynasty and 19 Kids are both extremely popular with the conservative Christian crowd.

Sadie visited Jana and the other girls at their home in Arkansas, and she shared the above photo of their meeting on Instagram. The 17-year-old seemed pretty starstruck by the Duggar sisters.

“Truly the most beautiful girls inside & out,” Sadie wrote on Instagram. “Excited about our new friendship. Thank you for being so sweet to welcome me into y’all’s beautiful home. So proud of how this family shares their faith with the world.”

There are many 19 Kids and Counting fans who will be happy to see Jana Duggar befriending someone like Sadie Robertson — the Duck Dynasty star is a little more open-minded about the world, so perhaps she’ll be the one who convinces the Duggar girls that they don’t have to live life with so many restrictions. Fans would love to see Jana abandoning her job as the family maid/nanny to go to college, and it would be a huge step forward for any Duggar daughter to leave home without getting married.

While it’s true that Sadie’s father is also very protective of her, the 17-year-old has a lot more freedom than Jana and her sisters. For one thing, she attends a public school, whereas the Duggars are homeschooled. She was also allowed to compete on Dancing with the Stars, which is something that the Duggar girls would never dare to do. During an interview with Beliefnet, Jim Bob said that girls shouldn’t dance because it “can be defrauding to a guy.”

Because of her homeschooling and her father’s dancing ban, Jana Duggar never got to attend prom. Sadie Robertson did get to take part in the teen rite of passage, and she recently posted some gorgeous photos from the event on Instagram. See if you can spot the issues Jim Bob Duggar would have with them.Sadie Robertson Prom

Jim Bob would probably say that Sadie is showing too much shoulder, and there’s no way he’d let a guy kiss and hug one of his daughters like that — Duggar girls have to wait until they’re married to partake in any serious PDA (in their case, this acronym stands for “physical displays of affection”). He’d also want to know if Sadie and her date were followed by a chaperone all night long. Meanwhile, the single Duggar sons will simply be sad to see that they have no hope of scoring a courtship with Sadie.

Even though Jana Duggar and her sisters might see Sadie as a hopeless sinner, the Duck Dynasty star still admires her uber-conservative fellow Christians very much. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Sadie considers it an honor to be compared to the 19 Kids and Counting girls.

Would you like to see Jana Duggar and her sisters living their lives more like Sadie Robertson, and are you praying the girls’ meeting was filmed for a 19 Kids and Counting/Duck Dynasty crossover?

[Image credits: Sadie Robertson/Instagram]

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