12-Year-Old Decides To End Cancer Treatments, Spend Time With Family

Alex Rodriguez of Shelbyville, Tennessee has had a tough life, since he was 7 years old he has underwent surgery, chemotherapy and various other forms of rehabilitation to beat his fight with cancer and now the 12-year-old has decided he’s had enough.

ABC News reports that Alex decided recently to end his treatments and enter hospice care at home where he could spend his time with his loved ones rather then traveling to Texas where he would take part in experimental treatment programs.

A doctor told ABC:

“He is a very courageous young man to have a very mature adult outlook on life. It’s amazing as a 12-year old he is really able to face the opportunities and challenges that he has in his remaining time.”

Realizing that he could very well lose his fight with cancer Alex chose to visit the Coca Cola factory in Atlanta, Georgia on Friday afternoon and a local businessman paid for a limo to the factory while residents hung blue support ribbons on their mail boxes and street lamps.

Alex’s fight with cancer wasn’t a just a normal case of nausea, vomiting, hair loss and other symptoms we commonly associate with the disease. Alex had to learn to walk again after metal devices were inserted in his spine. After the cancer returned he decided to go home rather then spending more time back in the hospital.

Alex’s grandmother says of his decision:

“He’s always happy and he doesn’t like to talk about his cancer. It makes him sad and he wants to be happy.”

Here’s a touching video of Alex Rodridguez leaving the hospital: