Pokemon Black and White 2 announced, coming to Japan this June

Game Freak’s Junichi Masuda recently teased an upcoming “major announcement” for the Pokemon series on his blog, and now we know what that major announcement is.

On Pokemon Smash, a Japan-only official Pokemon show, Masuda announced that Pokemon Black and White will be getting a sequel for the Nintendo DS, and it’s expected to release in Japan this June.

Pokemon Black and White 2 will mark the first time a Pokemon game gets a direct sequel. Traditionally, Game Freak would release an “updated” version for each generation, such as Pokemon Platinum, but this time the developers are going for a full-on sequel.

Not much else was revealed on the program other than the fact that the game is coming and that 3DS and DSi owners will be able to take advantage of “extra features”. Masuda also said that more news on Pokemon Black and White 2 will come next week, including information on what the new legendary Pokemon will be.

via Kotaku