Richie Sambora’s Alleged Menacing Words To Ex Nikki Lund: I’ll Kill And Bury You [UPDATE]

Update: The drama between Richie Sambora and Nikki Lund is taking on a “he-said, she-said” flavor.

The rock star has broken his silence and, of course, is claiming that he didn’t threaten to bury his ex in the desert, TMZ reported. By his account, the conversation was far more civil, with the rock star offering his ex a bit of help with her floundering business.

Evidently, the argument flared up when he backed out of her clothing line, Nikki Rich, because he was losing a fortune… to the tune of $4 million, TMZ added. Sambora claimed Lund was the one off her rocker during the phone call in question, and got even more so after he offered to pay her employees.No doubt, this saga will continue.

Richie Sambora really knows how to sweet talk a woman — that is, if the recent rumors coming out of Los Angeles prove to be true.

Sambora, formerly the guitarist for Bon Jovi, allegedly had some pretty menacing words for his ex, Nikki Lund, the day after she unveiled her new clothing line during L.A. Fashion Week, the New York Daily News reported.

Police in L.A. have confirmed that they are looking into a complaint filed by a 33-year-old woman on April 1. This woman claims Richie Sambora called her and threatened not only to kill her, but to “dig a hole in the desert and bury” her body.

An anonymous source suggested to Radar that the clothing line and the murder threat may be related.

“The threat happened in the midst of Nikki launching her solo line. Richie apparently went mad on the phone at her and threatened to kill her.”

A little back story into this drama: Following Sambora’s high-profile split from actress Heather Locklear, Lund, 33, and the 55-year-old Richie pursued a tumultuous relationship for about 10 years. Last year, the duo decided to turn their romance into a business partnership, collaborating on Lund’s (she is a fashion designer) clothing line, the Daily News explained.

All of these plans were meant to culminate in a store just down the street from the Kardashian’s own boutique (her and Kim Kardashian were apparently childhood besties). But according to the Daily Mail, Sambora split from her – and that apparently spelled the end for the business. What is certain is Richie abandoned their plans and the store never opened its doors.

“Richie and I are having our differences and we are not warring with each other,” Lund said last month of the purported turmoil.

But another anonymous source has told the Mail that “things have become very bitter in recent weeks … She held off going to cops hoping that the situation would resolve itself.”

Police finger Richie Sambora as the “person of interest” in the case, but he’s apparently sunning with his ex-wife and their daughter in Bora Bora at the moment. Meanwhile, Richie’s representative spoke for him, and naturally, called the allegations utter baloney.

“This is a cluster of fabricated lies in retaliation for Mr. Sambora’s decision to cease further funding of the unprofitable partnership, plain and simple.”

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