Jay Z, Free Music, And The Reason TIDAL Changes The Music Industry

Many have heard that Jay-Z recently acquired a new streaming service, TIDAL, but are they truly aware of the reasons behind it? This seemingly marks a game changer.

Something similar to “for the people, by the people,” TIDAL is a music streaming service created “for the people, by the artists.” As from Jay-Z’s vision, it’s a music service to give listeners the raw expression both they and the artist crave. It’s not a service that is governed by the constructs of “mainstream.”

So, essentially through TIDAL, if they wanted to do something outside the parameters “conventional” releases, they could do that without being denied by industry label heads. It’s a service run completely by the artists, and of course the technologically savvy people they hire. Jay-Z got over 10 mainstream artists to join him in acquiring the $56 million needed for the business’ acquisition. But now, they have it.

In one of TIDAL’s meetings, Jay-Z offered his thoughts on what people want to hear, as well as living the present music age.

“Everyone here has, you know, turned into icons. But we all, at one point, were in love with music. You can’t make it to where we’ve accomplished without having that level of music foundation. I think it’s one of the things that sets us aside from a tech company that’s selling advertisements or selling hardware. Right now, they’re writing the story for us. We needed to be writing the story for ourselves. I was talking to some folks outside of the industry, and they were like, ‘What… took… so… long!?'”

Jay-Z And The Rest Of TIDAL's Artists II

So, the difference is that this is something for which the people have been starving. There’s a reason why a lot of people stick with underground rap. Those artists are still at liberty to be who they are as a musician. For them, it’s not about conforming to what mainstream industry wants. And that’s what Jay-Z and his fellow artists at TIDAL are about to give. “Going back to the roots,” so to speak.

Also, Jay-Z’s wife, Beyonce Knowles — also one of TIDAL’s co-owners — had a few words to say as well.

“You put this many talent, creative minds together — sharing our concerns — we really to have an opportunity to change the way we experience art.”

Too, Jay-Z’s long-time friend, Kanye West, spoke about the company and its future.

“When we put our heads together, us…collectively working together, combining our resources and owning our oil — giving people a higher level of product from a visual standpoint… I just thought about how crazy this is, how this is like the beginning of a new world.”

However, this new world doesn’t come free. Ideally, to get a certain quality product, you have to pay a certain price. In an interview with New York Times, TIDAL’s Jay-Z quotes as follows.

“The challenge is to get everyone to respect music again, to recognize its value. Water is free. Music is $6 but no one wants to pay for music. You should drink free water from the tap — it’s a beautiful thing. And if you want to hear the most beautiful song, then support the artist.”

With such a sizable investment made from all the artists, it’s surely something in which they must all believe, right?

What are your thoughts on TIDAL? Do you think it’ll be a hit or a miss?

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[Photo Credits: Jamie McCarthy | Getty Images Entertainment]